Thursday, 12 January 2017


President Ilyasu MaiGaskiya leafed through the 20-page document before him. It was a report about the conduct of his ministers. He had commissioned a special panel since the beginning of his tenure to carry out discreet surveillance of the activities of his ministers and submit reports to him every three months. In the previous one year, he had received 4 reports on each of his ministers.

Nothing untoward had been found against any of them.
Until this moment.

The report in his possession at this time, was about three very high-ranking members of his government, one of whom was Honourable Karimu Ayeole, the Minister of Education and Modern Technologies.

Seated across the large Presidential Desk in his front were Mazi Callistus Amadi, SAN, the bespectacled Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Colonel Akin Ajibade (retd), the Director-General of the Department of State Security, DSS and Alhaji Usman Maishanu, the Inspector-General of Police. They waited patiently on the President.

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
President Maigaskiya slammed the report on the table with a loud noise.
“This is unacceptable!” He roared in his Fulfude accent.
“Right from the start, I told the people that I would run a government with zero tolerance for corruption. The report I have here not only shows we are tolerating corruption, but we are neck-deep and swimming in it”

Mazi Callistus adjusted his glasses, the IG shifted on his chair but the DSS DG looked blank, all the while fixing his gaze on a spot on the wall behind Mr President.

“We must get to the bottom of this. I will get copies of this report made available to you gentlemen. I want an inter-agency panel set up between the DSS and the Police. You people should look into it and if we have sufficient legs to these allegations, send it to the Office of the Attorney-General for prosecution”.
The three men nodded.

They got up to go and the IG saluted.

As they made for the door, the President spoke again. They stopped and turned back.

“Put your best men on this case”. They nodded again and the IG saluted again. Then they made to leave his presidential presence.
“One more thing”. They stopped to turn back a second time.

The president paused for about 10 seconds. The three men looked at him. The IG’s and the AG’s foreheads became furrowed with quizzical looks; the DSS DG’s face showed no expression.

“I want you guys to consider this assignment as a test of whether you will continue in office during the life of this administration. Your careers depend on it. You may go now”. He waved his right hand in a dismissal gesture.

“Yessir!” That was the IG this time as he saluted for the last time. The Attorney-General gave a short bow while the DG DSS nodded.
They finally took their leave of the president. As they left the Presidential Palace, each man became silent as he ruminated on how best to tackle this career-defining assignment.
One thing was clear to them: they must not fail.
Or else…!
That same morning, Karimu summoned his henchmen Tunde Orikanbody and Jamiu Jango to his living room. He told them to get the next flight to Lagos. He had a message for Akanbi Olorunmbe in the village. He who says ‘what can we do to him, is the right person to show what you can do’, he reasoned with them.
Jamiu Jango and Orikanbody are not entertainers. Some politicians do keep their type. They are roughnecks. They come in handy when their ogas want to keep a balance of terror on the political field.

Jamiu dropped out of school in JS2. He wasn’t much of a brain and when his father put him up as an apprentice Motor Mechanic, he ‘concluded’ his training the day he put light to a cigarette near the petrol tank of a customer’s car. It blew up and Jamiu ran away. Orikanbody was dismissed from the police after serving time for aiding and abetting armed robbery.

These were the men Karimu sent to the village with a ‘message’ for Olorunmbe….!

Please watch out for Part 4 tomorrow.

Omi Tuntun, Igba Otun!

Credit: Kehinde Ayoola J P

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