Sunday, 15 January 2017


Governor Abiola Ajimobi should not have opted to address the whole body of angry LAUTECH students the way he did. A little study of the Psychology of Irate Mobs by the governor and his advisers should have told them that you cannot control a mob, more so an irate mob.

In 1999, as Speaker of Oyo State, I played the role of an unwilling host to about 500 Muslim Student’s Society, MSS, members from the University of Ibadan who came to the Parliament Building to ask that the Oyo State House of Assembly enacted the Sharia Law for the state.

I invited their leaders, about 8 of them upstairs into the Speaker’s Office. 

The others were asked, respectfully, to sit down in the Chambers downstairs.
We deliberated and I accepted their letter of proposal for a Bill for Sharia Law in Oyo State.
There were no incidences.

They were led by Alhaji (The Honourable) Tawfiq Akinwale, who went on to become a politician himself (now a former Vice Chairman of Egbeda LG) and my good friend.

Senator Ajimobi ought not to have faced angry students whose educational pursuits have been in hiatus for seven solid months.
Ara ti kan won mehn!

The Nigerian ruling elite have so pauperised the people mentally and materially that they believe they could get away with whatever humiliation they subject the people to.

It is the people themselves that’ll liberate themselves. One day, they will hopefully say ‘enough is enough’.
‘I am the Constituted Authority’ sounds like Louis XIV of France, who in the 18th Century said in a sheer display of executive arrogance : L’etat c’est moi or I am the State!

Telling the people that ‘I am the constituted authority’ is base platitude.
We all know that.

But authority without a sense of responsibility towards the people who elected you is nothing but a transformation to a ‘constituted omo ita’!
Omo Ita, by the way, means Vagabond!

Oluwa a SEYI t’o dara fun wa ni ipinle Oyo.

Omi Tuntun, Igba Otun.

Credit: Kehinde Ayoola J P

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