Sunday, 15 January 2017

Opportunity for upcoming musical artistes

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I found out that their many upcoming talented artistes around us, and nobody seems to be helping anyone. So, sometimes ago, I started helping the upcoming artistes by doing free publicity for them in my own little capacity.

But when it got to a time, I felt like stopping when some people started abusing the opportunity. But later, I picked up again because of my vision and some other people that appreciated the fact that i gave them hope to move on in their dreams.

So if you are there, you sing or do comedy, I still have room to accommodate and assist you to move forward in your career.

This is what i will do for you:

1. Promoting your music on our radio []
2 I will share your music with some radio DJs and event Dj in Lagos and
Ibadan only

3 I will do 3 dff write-ups for you for publication
4 I will upload you music on my blog
5 I will share you music on all my social media platforms

Please, kindly take your time to check out some of my social media platforms:

Admin facebook group: 77, 000 membership:

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2nd Favebook fan page : 10, 000 likes:

1st Facebook profile : 5,000 friendlimit reached with 6, 000 followers = 11, 000 followers

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Being the first Yoruba news blog [], my blog has gotten so much attention for its uniquness. Adsense has not accepted Yoruba language yet but that do not stop the pageview rank which in not less than 5000 pageview per day.

Please, you can contact me on +2348032394964, bbm 2A8f9633 for detail

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