Monday, 9 January 2017


The LORD says to tell you:

The days of fear are over. There is liberty in your spirit. There is no need to be afraid, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. 

Yes, your worst days are behind you
You will never see them.

The glory of God is ahead of you.
I have strengthened you for the greater things ahead.
You are ready for the greater things ahead.
You are ready for it.
You can have it, you can do it, you can get there.

I have strengthened you.
You will have it and you will do it.
The glory of God is upon your life.

This year you will flourish. The Word has been given so you will function in it, everyone of you.
Anything that will come against you will fall for your sake. It will break right before your eyes -
Anything or anyone; whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not.
Because you are set on a course.

You will so do well.
You are strengthened to prosper.
You are strengthened to make progress; to do business and make profit.

Expand your business.
Expand with new ideas.
Some of you, you have never done a business because your mind could not catch it.

Expand your business. You can do it. Greatness is in you.
Your mind is catching new ideas,
You can do it.
You are not small, greatness is in you.
I am seeing you expanding, spreading forth.

There are some of you, you look at some others and say "Those people are very rich".In 2017, you are "the people"
You are the one people will be referring to.
In the realm of the Spirit, it has happened.

In 2017, you will see differently.
See through the eyes of the Word and everything He has spoken concerning you will surely come to pass.

Nothing will stop it.
God is arranging men and circumstances because of you.
Open your eyes and see it.
People are being moved, people are being posted because of you.

Call your name.
There is a divine arrangement,a divine posting.

It is happening.
For some of you specifically, you have been desiring a promotion in your office. Your promotion has been held for 5 years.

Everything that was held is released to you now.
It's yours!
It's flourishing time.
Nobody can have what belongs to you,
You are the seed of Abraham.

The seed of Abraham does not beg.
The seed of Abraham does not ask.
You are the seed of Abraham.
It's yours! You are the seed of Abraham. That's who you are.

Speak in tongues.
Your name is being posted. There is an announcement about you. Your name is being announced. Your name is being remembered.

Your file is being called up!
Give Him praise. Worship Him.

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